Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sisyphus night

Had a good night of poker, but the results were just ok +$11. I would get up 10 bucks or so and then lose it right back being overly aggressive or losing a showdown. I actually went up and back down 3 times. When I got up the fourth time, I called it a night.

I wasn't all-in one time on the night - just chopping, chopping, chopping away at small pots. No big pots won or lost.

One minor adjustment - I set up a hotkey to preflop raise to .65 instead of .75 (blinds are .10/.25). I am using this .65 raise from the button and cutoff, regardless of my holdings (weak or strong), and using the standard raise further away. It seems like people are suspicious of the small bet and might be folding a bit more. If they decide to three bet, then I fold and have saved a dime in the process. If they call, then I am still cbetting 100% of the time. These pots (preflop caller from the blind, then he folds to a cbet) are now smaller overall, but I think the risk balances out the reward.

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