Monday, March 15, 2010

got me in their sights

2 unfoldable coolers tonight in the space of 30 hands.

Big blind free play - ace-two-off. Flop is 3-4-5, but all spades. I have the ace of spades, and a straight. My opponent will get it in with every "overpair", probably whether he has the spade or not. I'm ahead of so much here.

Not ahead of 67, though, and that's what he's got. My redraw doesn't hit, and I'm stacked.

20 minutes later, 39 suited in the big blind, another freebie. Flop is nothing except bottom pair 3 (along with 5Q).. I bet and I'm called. Turn is another 3 - things are looking up. I bet and I'm called. River is gin - a nine. Boat city. I am bet into, raise big, and am called - by pocket fives. I was behind the whole time.

Put someone on their villain on that hand and fold the river, I dare you.

My biggest hand of the night was aces, but I had to dodge 18 outs on the river for them to hold up. Eighteen! Fun having aces with one card to come and being only a 2-1 favorite. Villain had flush draw, gutshot draw, and one pair to improve to a set or two pair.

Despite the coolers that drained 2 buy-ins, my net loss is only one on the night, playing well the rest of the way.

I'm even for the month.

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bastinptc said...

Even is good. Certainly better than me with similar scenarios in Rush. Back to where I started. It can't go on forever, right? That's what we tell ourselves anyway.