Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Doomswitch engaged.

Should have probably known it was coming when I got to showdown with a straight and flush draw, hitting a pair on the river, and seeing my opponent had the same, but higher flush draw. Another big cooler waiting in the wings.

20 minutes later, I hit the king high flush on the river (with both cards), and faced an all-in. There is no right play. You are folding the best hand or calling with the second best hand, seemingly 100% of the time.

I called.

I'm at an interesting spot in my development. I am trying to get into more postflop situations, trying to play the range game and decide if I'm ahead or behind, working on my hand reading. It's not going well so far. I am getting dominated, or hitting large, unfoldable, second-best hands. Is it bad luck trying to force me back into my nitty, can-beat-10NL-but-not-much-else ways, or am I playing poorly and making large postflop mistakes?

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