Tuesday, March 16, 2010

last time I ever do something....

Play in a turbo tourney. Never again.

My friend texts me - oooo! $20 buy in wins you $30,000. True, that is a big overlay, and there were 12 redline pros playing. I signed up. Aces cracked by K7 - that's fun, so I shoved with jacks and won, then shoved (total overbet) with AK and got called by AQ. I had 5000 chips and thought I was in fat city.

Nah. Lost one showdown, went to break, and found myself from average stack to 10 blinds in 10 minutes. Ridiculous. Lost a race to get knocked out in 2785 place.

It's not poker, or anything close to poker. It's just silly.

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