Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Same game?

after a good night tonight - I decided to play 30 minutes of Rush Poker. If I went down a quick $10 like last night, I was just going to quit.

Bizarre to think I was even playing the same game as I was last night. The "Rush Pool" was so much more passive than last night. No three bet defending from the blinds. No four bets. It played like a normal .10/.25 table, just faster. I must be victim to some sort of "Rush Villain variance" to see such a difference in one day.

I played 36 hands. I lost the blinds in 5 of them. I won 10 of them, including $13 on a queen-ten that I wasn't folding after hitting my queen against a short stack. But when he donkbet on the flop, on a dry, queen-high board, I wondered why he would lead with a strong queen. I called. He bet pot again on the turn. Now I figured he wanted me to go away, and he only had a pot sized bet left. I denied his wish and called again. He shoved it all in on the river - I figured he was going to show QJ and I would get outkicked, but I wasn't folding. Pocket eights. I quickly closed the client and decided that was as lucky as I was going to get.

Contrast to last night when I got sticky with a pair and got outkicked two or three times. I'm trying to stay aggressive, trying to put opponents on ranges, trying to incorporate all I'm learning - sometimes you lose the kicker battle and look like a donkey calling three bets with QT or A7, but and sometimes it works out ok.

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