Sunday, March 28, 2010

screw the poker gods

Guess it's time for a break - poker isn't very fun at the moment. I am not hitting a flop. I have no draws. My sets miss, and my pocket pairs are outflopped by overcards. My moves are counter-moved. Top pair looks like a flipping straight flush right now.

Just not fun.

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Memphis MOJO said...

When that happens to me, it usually means I've gotten in a rut and am not playing my best, even though it seems I am.

So, what I do is go online to the micro-stakes Omaha hi-low and buy in for $2. Don't know how to play, then buy in for 80 cents. Or, play 7-card stud Hi-low -- don't know how to play, that didn't stop me -- I jumped into a sit and go for $1. In other words, do something different.

When I returned to hold 'em, it was fun again.

Just a thought.