Monday, March 29, 2010

a new home?

Needed a change, so I logged onto my UB account (they're offering me a small bonus to clear). I also get rakeback there, whereas I don't get it on Full Tilt, and never, ever can, based on their ridiculous terms of service.

So I played 1000 hands this weekend, at a basically break even pace. I felt like the play there was overall weaker than Full Tilt. Then, tonight, I sat at the most lovely table, shown in the attached screenshot.

4 players playing at or near 50% of their hands. Action aplenty. Just wait for a hand (one hand? C'MON!) and bust someone. Easy game.

About 2 hands after I took this screenshot, pocket kings. I raised 4x. Guy on my left called. Guy in the upper right shoved his tiny stack in. I reraised all in, then the guy on my left called all-in.

I was up against ace-four off and jack-eight suited. I won.

And I earned $8 in rakeback for my troubles too.

The purists would tell me to stay away from this site, and they surely have a point, but it's simply cheaper to play there. Much cheaper. And the games seem softer, too.

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AW said...

Congrats. I'm also considering playing there at some point; I've heard similar stories from others who have played there.

If you can't get rakeback on Full Tilt I know there is an affiliate you can request rakeback for an existing account. Can't remember the name but I know there are some threads on 2+2 that talk about the process...