Sunday, March 7, 2010

walking into aces (and kings)

happening at the worst times lately. Today during the big tourney, I had QQ and smacked into them.

Tonight in the cash game, the player on my left three bet over my blind steal 3 times in an hour. I took my stand and 4 bet with suited connectors - he minraised over that 4bet. The warning bells went off and I ignored them - I considered that I had the right hand to crack the big overpair and I went with it. He had the aces. Must be nice to three bet the same guy three times and then show up with rockets the fourth time.

Of course my all-in call was a tilt-call - I don't feel like I get tilted that often, and I guess there's no other word for it here - but I was also trying to send the message that I wasn't going to be pushed around all night. Great time to to stand up to the bully, huh?

I played ok in Rush for my last half hour - just over even - then somebody slow played KINGS against me and my ace ten and I lost a big pot again to make my night even worse. Hitting the flush draw on the turn is what sealed my fate (of course, a suckout by hitting the flush or one of the other 5 outs to crack the kings would have been nice, not tonight though).

These AA/KK slowplayers are cracking me all over the place this month - my ramped up aggression is running right into them time after time.

My own aces and flopped sets won nothing past the flop - so my night was a disaster.

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