Monday, March 8, 2010

keeping at it...

Another losing night tonight, but I halved my early losses so I felt a bit better about it, anyway. In review, the following 3 hands were my biggest losses:

a blind steal attempt from the small blind that flopped 2 pair, then got it in with A8 that had an open ender. He hit. He only had half a stack.

top set queens on a brutal board - broadway straight was there with AK, flush was out there. The turn got checked, so I was able to call a reasonable size bet on the river - villain had king high straight flush. Whoops. Probably a fold in all truth, but it's hard to fold top set.

My worst play of the night. My coach has suggested a bluff line I have never tried, and I tried it at a horrible time - a raise on the river on a AA557 board. I knew he had an ace from the flop, so I'm not sure what my river raise accomplished, other than me losing twice as much money.

So the night was not great, but I'm not too far away. Eliminate a couple bad plays and I'll be close to even, despite what seemed like always running into the top of my opponent's range. Gotta stay positive.

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