Friday, April 30, 2010

Blew through my 100 blinds in the cash game last with about 20 minutes to go before a player was leaving, so I called it a night even though I had a bit of money left in my pocket. The chasers were all getting there and cracking the pairs. I myself donated to the chaser fund with my pocket aces - when a third spade came on the turn, I had to lead out because this player was calling to the river with top pair and I needed to get my whole stack in my then. When he raised me, I knew he had the flush instead, but called the raise with the ace of spades - knowing with 100% certainty that I could still double up if the fourth flush card came. It did not.

Not much chance to win money for me. My own hidden straight was not paid off, my kings won the blinds, my aces were cracked, and my two-pair was out-two-paired. (I thoroughly hate two pair right now, it is never good, simply never). Won the small pots and lost the big ones - a fine recipe for losing a buy-in.

My last hand was pocket tens from the small blind. I 3-bet - my first of the night - to $12. It left me $9 back. My flushmaster/acemaster friend called from the big, and the original better folded.

I announced I was all-in before the cards were delivered. All three clubs. The acemaster/flushmaster said "I gotta call you". Ace-of clubs, King of spades for him. A postflop coinflip that didn't end up my way.

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