Wednesday, April 28, 2010

moves upon moves

I sit at a new table last night. Both my blinds are stolen.

Third hand I'm on the button with JsTs. Not garbage, fine for open raising. I raise it up to 3x. The big blind repops me to 3.5 times my bet. I check his stats. I have 200+ hands on him. Tight, aggressive. Positionally aware. 3bet percentage - 7% - a bit above normal. Includes most suited broadway aces and kings (KTs+ AT+, and AQo). A strong range, but certainly including hands he's not willing to get all in with. His range might be even lighter/wider if he thinks I'm stealing with anything.

It's very likely that if I have 200 hands on him, then he has 200+ hands on me. What will he see?
Tight, aggressive. Positionally aware.

So he thinks I'm stealing. And I think he's stealing my steal.

Time to 4-bet. Small - only double his bet. Looks like I'm begging for a call. Please shove so I can snap call, pretty please. He folds.

Ed Miller calls it the 3-bet, 4-bet, 5-bet game. We got 2 steps into it on this hand. I would have folded to a 5 bet (probably shove) with JTs, but didn't have to make the tough decision this time.

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