Monday, April 19, 2010

a break in the clouds?

Stacked early when my kings got cracked last night, which put me on mental suicide tilt for about 5 minutes. My tilt is interesting - it doesn't really affect my preflop play - I don't start raising up Q4 or anything - but it can affect me postflop, causing me to make weak calls or play postflop hands in a nonstandard way.

Here is a small pot I lost due to tilt and downswing aftereffects - raised up JJ from under the gun. Only the big blind calls, he's the only tight player at the table. Flop is all under my jacks and he checks. Standard play is to lead out, for value of course, and for protection, but I check. Why do I check? Not sure. Gunshy, for one - I keep getting my cbets checkraised - which is part of the downswing.
But I have a hand here! I'm also thinking about how the my kings were cracked by a set. Playing scared.

Turn is a queen. My exact thought was "well, now I'm behind". He checks, and I check behind.

River is another queen. This lessens the chance that he holds a queen. He leads out for pot. I call.

He has ace-queen.

Thankfully, it was a small pot.

I actually got it together and played very well for the rest of the session, and recovered most of my losses. Still a negative night, making 6 in a row, but only a small negative tonight. I also felt like I started hitting some hands, so maybe the card luck is turning.

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