Monday, April 19, 2010

F this noise

I had a 62/36 and a 62/10 at my table tonight. i couldn't beat either one of them. They both called to the river with any pair. Couldn't beat them. I played one of them heads up for 50 hands. Couldn't beat him. No cards. No flops. Outflopped. Sucked out on.

A 62/36 and a 62/10 had better cards than I did, and I lost another 2 buy-ins.

Also making appearances at the table - a 54/15, a 40/10, and a 39/3. Couldn't beat them either.

I stayed up late waiting for my chance. Played tight. Wasn't tilted at all. Was patient. Frame of mind was right. Still couldn't beat them.

My last hand of the night - I raised up 9T. Flopped trips. Got it all in on the turn. He had turned a gutshot. Stacked again.


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bastinptc said...

That question, my friend, never gets sufficiently answered. In fact, I have come to believe that when that question becomes paramount, it is time to re-evaluate one's current motivation. Even when you know that your game is better than 75% to 90% of the field, why put yourself through the misery? This last question is more readily answered, if we choose to ask it at all.