Wednesday, April 14, 2010

great reads, lose money anyway.

2 buy-ins gone tonight. Pretty bad.

Good hand reading gone to waste. A limped, family pot to me on the button. I have KQo, and I don't think a raise is going to isolate anyway, so I limp behind and shoot for a multiway pot.

Flop JQ3 rainbow. Only one guy bets - the 49/1 drooler. He minbets, meaning he's got something but he doesn't like his hand. I raise - my KQ is ahead of him, I know it. He calls.

turn is a ten, and he comes out firing for pot. He just hit two pair - QT or JQ. I have a straight draw now, and this guy will pay me off if I hit, so I have to call.

River doesn't help. He bets small, now afraid of AK. I don't have it, and he's not folding if I shove. I should fold, but the small bet gives me odds to call, just in case my read is wrong. It isn't. QT.

Handreading is all well and good but I never end up ahead lately.

Other big losses came on some poor, tilty play. TAG was stealing my blind over a 50% clip. I finally tried to threebet him with 97s. He min 4 bet. Should have folded there. I called and decided to go for the "gutshot shove" - checkraise all in if I could hit any hand with some equity.

AA5, but two diamonds to give me a flush draw. I felt like it was a good board to try it - he couldn't call without an ace, and if he had one I had equity to beat him. I shoved it in. He called - with ace-ten, surprisingly low for a 4 bet. I liked my plan postflop, but the 4bet call was unwarranted - he was a known stealer, but not a known light 4better (turns out he WAS 4 betting light, but that was besides the point here).

I win a few small pots off the drooler but no big ones, and end the night buried again. I could use a comebacker night for sure. This is easily my worst month ever at the cash games so far.

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