Tuesday, April 13, 2010

when $15 lost feels like a win....

..when you're down 45 in your first 30 hands, that's when.

What one player did to me should be banned by the Geneva convention. Stats of 60/20, but outflopped me over and over and over.

AK went to war vs. his A4s - hit the flush.
99 vs. his 95s - straight.
Finally my ace-ten vs. a three club flop with an ace, and a ten on the river. I paid off a big river bet to a flopped KJ flush.

Impossible to play against, because his cbet percentage was 100%. Basically, he limped into every pot, called a raise, then bet hard all the way down like he had it. Against, me, he had it.

I was tilting like a mo-fo.

But I didn't change my play. I kept at it. I hit a set of sevens, but on an all diamond board. When lucky guy lead out, I raised. He folded, but another player cold-called. He also had crappy stats. Then he lead the turn, for value. Oh no, not again... I called, praying for the board to pair, or that he would wimp out on the river with his two pair and bet small...

The board paired with a second king on the river. Thank God. He shoved into me with his Q7s flush, and I called - sucking out on someone else for once.

From then on I played pretty well. I find a table I could handle and settled in, grinding my way back. Not all the way back, but mostly.

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