Saturday, May 15, 2010

"Play every hand until the end"

My friend says that - jokingly of course. Tonight I played against 76/1 - he was almost doing it. Sitting right to my right, too - the equivalent to having a busted ATM outside your door. At least in theory. He hit two baby straights on me with garbage "connectors" (53 and 46) vs. my overpair and top pair. You gotta bet against the idjit - he's calling with so much less - you gotta got into pots with him and bet for value.

When he catches, you just bite your lip and keep playing, hoping your shot comes soon.

It almost came soon after - pocket aces. I raised his (everpresent) limp and he folded. Damn!

Never won a big pot off him, but I got a few more from another noodnik for a profit on the night.

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