Friday, June 18, 2010

cash game report

Stayed in the black, barely, +13BB. Biggest loss came early - free play with J6 in the big blind, trip sixes on flop, bet for value on three streets vs. the worst chaser at the table. He calls all three streets and flips over king-six to outkick me. Bad luck there.

Biggest win also came early - my second three bet of the night, Tony makes a powerplay shove thinking I have to fold everything except aces and kings. Sadly for him, I have kings and stack his nines.

Tony and Mr. Pietzak have rough nights and cut out early. We play 5 handed for much of the night - I lapse into a limpy, fit-or-fold mold for awhile and nothing comes of that. Breaking out of it, I kick my aggression up but the cards don't go my way (3 betting pocket nines then seeing a flop of KJA isn't much fun). I keep above water raising some limpers and playing my button hard.

A tough night overall - three people walk out with empty pockets - luckbox Wiley walks out with most of the cash. I'll take the modest victory.

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