Friday, June 18, 2010

wild hand last night...

Pocket tens for me. I limped behind one other because I had already iso-raised him 3 times and I thought he was going to start getting frisky. We go 4 handed to the flop.

962, all hearts. I do have the ten of hearts. Check from blind, and bet from first limper. I decide to raise with my overpair, but not too big - representing a pot building move with the nut flush. I hope to clear out some garbage like broadway non-hearts and buy myself some overcard outs. Then it gets interesting.

Cold Call of the raise.
ReRaise all in (from shorty big blind, not much more than my raise).
ReReRaise all in from big stack early limper.

Ok, I guess I found out where I was at. I fold. Then, the last player behind me calls the all-in too! We get to flip over three way, and see:

UTG limper: a set of nines.
limper behind me: a set of deuces.
big blind shorty: jack-high flush.

the flush is in the lead, and stands to triple up of the board doesn't pair.

the turn - black ten. Now I would have had top set!

river - another six. The board pairs. Nines full of sixes wins it, stacks deuces full of sixes and a flush. I would have ended up with the best hand, but my fold was obviously correct there. No regrets at all.

Just crazy, though, had I stayed in, we would have had three full houses and a flush banging away at a giant pot.

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