Tuesday, June 15, 2010

session review 6/15

down 1 buy-in, 642 hands of Rush NL10. Only 2 hands won over 30 BB (both pocket aces), and 4 hands lost. Reviewing the 4 losses:

Attempt blind
steal with 7Ts, bb defends - hit a 773 flop. Villain leads out, I call. Turn is a 4, villain leads .20 into .95 pot. I raise, he calls. River jack and he bets pot (actually a bit over pot). Do I fold trips there? I probably should, but I don't. He's got 33 and flopped the boat. The small flop and turn bets looked weak to me, so he outplayed me that time. Nice hand by him. Gotta watch out for that minbet/minbet/POT line - usually a monster. But I had a pretty big hand too.

Raise 99 preflop, button calls. He's a shortstack with 3.81 left on the flop - the pot is .95 - our SPR is 4.0. Board comes 358 rainbow, all under my nines. I check, he bets exactly pot, I put him all in. He calls.. with pocket tens. Bad luck there I think.

Cutoff raises - his steal percentage is 67 after 139 hands. I threebet him with pocket tens on the button, he calls the threebet. Flop is ace-ace-six. check/check. Turn is a third ace. He bets pot. He's another shortstacker with 20 blinds left after his turn bet. This can easily be a move, and the chance of him 4betting me preflop with JJ-KK is high, so I put him on a smaller pocket pair now, or air. I put him all in., for value. He's got ace-king for quads.

I call on the cutoff with 9s7s - third limper into the pot. Flop is 9c3s5s - top pair + flush draw. One of the limper bets pot. I raise and he calls. Turn is a king - he bets 0.80 into a $7 pot. Thanks for the odds buddy, I'll take them. River bricks with a 4c, he bets .70 into an 8.65 pot. I call the laughable bet. Pocket queens for him. Oh brother.

I had a number of $2 losses as well - mostly chasing draws and not hitting them. Don't think I played terribly, but like I mentioned last night - one hand can make the difference. Let me hit the flush with the 97 hand and I'm even or slightly ahead. An ok session, results weren't great, but we're not supposed to be results-oriented, right?

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