Tuesday, July 6, 2010

better players in Rush?

I 2-tabled a whopping (for me) 1300 hands of Rush poker tonight, and left on the plus side. It seems to me that Rush poker players are getting better faster than regular players. Very few of those 44/2 types - the field is usually filled with 12/9 types with a 50% steal percentage and 7-10% 3 bet percents. I also see routine limper-punishing, squeeze plays, and other "fancy" stuff usually reserved for higher levels.

I may have to go back to normal ring play to find the bad players.

Above is a shot of one such player - his stats are 2/1 after 128 hands! Of course, I raised his blind and he 3 bet me. That's a LOL if I ever saw it.

In non-poker news, I ordered an iPhone 4 about 3 days before the big release date. Because I was late to the party, I haven't received it yet, but today I got word that it is en-route (from China, yikes). Anyway, I'm psyched to finally own the Jesus-phone, have avoided it until now.

To put up with the antenna problems, I'm looking at these skins. Mega-slick.

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Memphis MOJO said...

You'll like your iPhone. I had a different smart phone before I got mine, and there's no comparison.