Monday, July 5, 2010

Cooled down.

Hard to avoid stepping on the landmines at every turn tonight, and I lost a buyin and a half trying.

Seems like everyone has already adjusted to my 2.5x button raise. I got 3 bet five times in 14 attempts at this raise. Overall, I was three bet 18 times! This is 10NL, too - I thought there were passive fishies down here.

Raced queens and eights with ace-king, lost them both. In each case, I felt like there was a chance someone might have been making a move on me, and my ace-king might be a powerhouse, but in each case it was just a standard race that I lost. These two hands accounted for most of the loss on the night.

Had a 27/1 raise me from early position (45 hands). I had pocket queens in the small blind. Ugh - his stats say he's only raising premiums and I get an unfoldable big pair out of position. Then again, I don't have all that many hands on him. I make the call, and we kind of dance around each other and I end up losing 26 blinds vs. kings. Knew I was behind the whole way, but folding queens preflop? C'mon. Or as a flop overpair? Too nitty.

I probably should have dropped another buyin on a cold deck - I got into a three way pot with king nine of spades. We got to showdown and my pair of kings won the pot - vs. Ace-nine, and Ace-Queen of spades. I lose a ton if the spade draw comes in, and I pay off the other guy on a pair of nines. My one live card saved me.

My races lost and my giant postflop hands didn't win me big pots - the end.

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