Monday, July 12, 2010

I don't like Mondays

Clearly a different player pool on Mondays compared to Sundays. All the regs are packed onto the Rush table, making profit more difficult. Steals are 3bet, preflop calls made in position, floats, checkraises - no easy money like on Sundays.

Check out the dude in picture above. A 24/20 with a 100% steal percentage! I thought maybe I had only seen him steal once or twice, but nope - that number reflected 25 attempts in 25 opportunities. He tried to steal my blind, I would have none of it. I three bet with K7o and took it down.

Some cards would have helped my on this night. Aces twice, no kings, jacks and queens 10 times total. My queens went up against Kings and didn't fare well. Not sure how to play that one - I raised from early position and was three bet by an unknown. Fold? Ridiculous. Reraise/get it in? Maybe. I chose to call and get it in if the queens stayed an overpair. They did (445 board), and down I went. No way to avoid going broke here, methinks.

Dropped 130 BB, not great, but not much I could do. The queens were the only big loss - every other loss was 17 blinds, 16, etc. My wins were the same way - took it down on the flop or turn, very few showdowns, very few hands worth taking to showdown.

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