Monday, July 12, 2010

Does anyone love this game like I do?

Certainly nobody I know. Here are the highlights of how I spent my Sunday:

8am: Woke up
Watched TV with the wife, 30 minutes
Scanned the 2+2 forums, 30 minutes
PokerTracker DB self-study, 30 minutes. (checking win rates of pocket pairs in 3 bet pots).
10am: Went to the pool with the wife. Brought along Ed Millers "Small Stakes No-Limit Hold'em" and read it poolside.
12pm: lunch
1-3pm: Rush Poker, about 350 hands. (+2 buy-ins)
4pm. More 2+2, including an inquiry into some coaching
5pm: watched WSOP 2009 main event final table replay on ESPN.
8pm. More Rush, about 650 hands. (+0.5 buy-ins).

Perhaps a weee bit excessive.


Forrest Gump said...

The wife is okay with so much time playing poker? I get a raised eyebrow after an hour playing online...


matt tag said...

sometimes I have to sneak it in...