Wednesday, July 28, 2010

ten cent blinds might be beyond my skill level.

Hand #19 of the night I got 2 outed on the river and stacked.

The Rush tables were extra-unfriendly tonight - seemed like everyone was one step ahead of me. Couldn't win a hand, preflop or postflop. Was down 160 big blinds in an hour.

Then I did something I haven't done in awhile - I moved over to a normal, non-Rush, 6-max table. For a short bit my faith in humanity and poor poker players was restored - I stacked a donkey who decided AQ was enough to go all-in (I had queens).

I held my own at these tables for a bit, but hell - they were aggressive too. Ultra-aggro-preflop, light 3 betting (A7, A8), flop shoves with draws. All at frikkin .05/.10 blinds!

I took a stand with a 35/30 who was to my right with KQ. A few orbits before, I saw him bet/bet/shove with middle pair and a 7high flush draw. His opponent had flopped the nut flush, so obv. his sick aggression didn't work that time.

With my KQ, I started with top pair. He bet all the way, and I walked the dog, call, call. Ended up with top two pair, and got it in, but I was dead the whole time. He had 89s and had flopped a straight. Stacked again.

I think the player pool is getting better. I'm sure having trouble winning anything.


Forrest Gump said...

Two words for you Matt - Pot Limit Omaha.

I regularly see guys stacking off post flop with AAxx and no redraw, and lots of players who like to see 90%+ flops.


Anonymous said...

Does it seem like "good" aggression at .10 6max? or is it just wild play?