Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Tourney Day

Played in 2 Sunday tourneys today, and had an awesome run.

First, I took third place in a 141 man tournament ($8 + 0.80 buy in), which netted me $135.02. Secondly, I placed 65th in the Super Stack 10K Guarantee (2629 players), which added on another $32.38 profit.

No large sums of money here, but in total more than I've made in 20,000+ hands of 10NL since I moved down. Maybe I'm better at tourneys than cash games.

I tell you what, though - I don't like tourneys much. Today I played for 5 hours, called an all in with pocket queens (actually I shoved over his shove), and was racing AK. He hit a king on the river to cripple me - I was out an orbit later. No drama to it, just two correct shoves with strong hands and either my 5 hours of work to get this far (or my opponents 5 hours) is whacked in a coin flip.

My last hand was a correct shove from the button with jack-ten. The blinds and antes were SOOO big that not taking a crack at them would be folly. Just stealing them would double my stack. The big blind called with Ace-ten and I was dominated and gone.

In a cash game, you make a misstep and say "whoops", then reload and keep playing. Tourneys are so unforgiving.

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