Monday, August 30, 2010

Bad Luck over?

A solid night of 178 BB won, and that's after getting stacked once with a set to running straight cards (still, he had to have a 5 in his hand to fill a straight, hard to see many fives in someone's hand in a raised pot, but 35s took the money). Oy.

These same donkey plays that fool our reading skills are also what pay us. Someone raises and I three bet pocket jacks, and a 50/36 calls me (only 14 hands, but he's still playing half of them). The original raiser calls too. Flop is 922. I bet my little "half pot, I'm so scared" bet, and the 50/36 raises me. He's playing half his hands, which is both scary and emboldening. Scary is thinking this idiot called with 32s or A2s and I'm dead. Emboldening because playing 50% of your hands leaves lots of combinations with no deuce. He raises. I feel the pit in my stomach, but I go with my gut and the math. I stick it in. He calls his stack off with pocket fours, and I win a big pot.

Amazing how you can win 2 buy ins playing against awful players, and having your big hands hold up.

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