Wednesday, August 11, 2010

couldn't win tonight

One of those nights where you're second best in every pot at showdown, and every decision you make is wrong. You play pot control and they spike a winner. Play it fast into a monster. Three bet light and watch them 4 bet shove. Two pair vs. a donk holding a set. Miss every fucking pocket pair, or hit a couple and watch everyone fold. Lose money with AKs, with AKo, witih QQ (dealt QQ eight times, saw a flop 5 times, lost all 5). JJ (saw flop 3 times, lost 2). KQ hits top pair vs. AQ, half a stack gone.

3 buy-ins gone in 850 hands.

I really want to get better, but I'm not sure how at this point. I signed up for a PokerTracker database analysis, but the guy looks like he's either swamped with work or lost interest - I can't get on his schedule. I thought about signing up for CardRunners or Deuces Cracked - but I have like 1-2 hours per night to dedicate to poker. If I spend every night watching training videos, when will I play? If I try to play and watch at the same time, won't I just donk off more money as I watch the video, or miss half the video as I get into postflop hands?

I'm running just over 1 BB/100 now after 27,000 hands. That SUCKS. And that's after moving down in stakes, too. I'm not happy with it, I'm not happy with the way I'm playing. I know I can get better, because I have no ego. I know I'm making a million mistakes, I know it's not just runbad. I need help, I want help, so HEEEEELP!!!


The Poker Meister said...

Didn't you mention that you were getting coaching from Split Suit as well?

bastinptc said...

Are you posting hands anywhere for discussion, like at 2+2 or back at the Academy? (I know the answer for PA.)

Forrest Gump said...

One of my favourite quotes is from BarryG when he said that many internet poker players log many, many thousands of hands....but in essence they're practicing a bad golf swing. I'd suggest DC - I believe TheDeuce is a member there and he highly recommends it. When i have time for poker again, i plan to sign up.