Saturday, September 11, 2010


After my session with ThePokerMeister, I decided to make a few changes:

1. I bought Holdem Manager today. I've always been a PT3 guy, but HEM has a few more ways to sort, group, and filter, and I think will be better for my game in the long run.

2. I played full ring Rush today instead of a 6-max. Full Ring is a bit less about stealing and blind defense. It also appears (in my small one day sample of a couple hundred hands) that there are fewer regular players there, at least at my stakes. I was able to profit off of other players' mistakes, and won 172 big blinds in 432 hands.

I'll probably continue on full ring for a bit and see how that goes. I also plan on leaving Rush poker (gasp!) soon and trying my hand at multitabling regular tables (shooting for 6 tables).

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