Monday, September 6, 2010


-35 big blinds tonight in 1200 hands. Biggest losses were set of jacks to aces - flush got there. Jacks as overpair in a 3bet pot with an SPR of 2 - shortshtack called with 78s and hit trip sevens. And kings, of course - hit a set of kings on the river and called a 3 flush board - he had KT for the flush. So it's mostly coolers and races that I should be playing big pots with. Flip around that set of jacks hand (where I'm nearly a 2-1 favorite when the money went in, BTW) and my losing session is a winning one. Let the retard who doesn't know about implied odds have 89 instead of 78 and I'm in the black.

Looking at my hands this month, I am negative with aces, kings, jacks, AKs and AQs. There is a huge AQs hand that was a disaster from a winning standpoint, but I got the money in good there, too (very good, villain drawing to 6 outs on the flop). I feel like I'm playing well, and this variance silliness will eventually turn around.

All that said, I think September will be less online poker than previous months. I've got a couple of projects to do away from the tables. Well, one is away from the tables, the other is kind of near a table. Actually, it kind of is a table. More info later.

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