Sunday, September 5, 2010

Note to bad players

Some free poker lessons. Always like to help out.

1) you cannot call raises with 8To and 31 big blinds in your starting stack and profit.

2) A2o is not a profitable hand out of position against an early position raiser.

3) You cannot setmine with pocket tens when the SPR on the flop is going to be 4.

4. You cannot profit by calling all-in in the hopes of hitting your king high flush draw, find out you're up against the Ace-high flush draw and totally dominated, and then hit a pair on the river to win a stack.

Unless your opponent is me, that is. Then cool, go for it. The cards will come, don't worry.

1 comment:

Nomad said...

Thanks for the tips. But I don't really play A2 in early position.

How do I get on your bloglist sir?