Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Going with your gut

After my session last night, I went to bed and turned on an episode of High Stakes Poker. It was the episode containing this hand, where Lex Velduis makes a sick river call with a pair of twos and cracks Doyle Brunson's queen high. At the end of the hand, Lex gets interviewed about the hand, and he says something that made me feel a bit better.

He said (something to the effect of) "I would rather go with my gut and look like a fool and learn from it than chicken out and fold". This is basically what happened last night in my "what would you do" hand vs the LAG with jacks.

So we can pull something from the bad session. At least I had the ability to "go with my gut", as Lex says - and put my chips in based on a read I had on a player. We can still argue whether the read was sound, and if it wasn't, then we can learn from that.

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Rich said...

"Don't bluff the guy in red...David, don't bluff the guy in red. I don't know if you saw that hand but don't try to bluff that guy."