Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Today's bad session was a milestone in my poker play - I am now a losing player, since I moved to my current level on June 1. I have lost $3.33 total. My BB/100 is still slightly, comically positive at .21 This is over 41,629 hands of play.

What to make of this? I was up playing at 2.07 BB/100 between June and July, and down -2.49 in Aug and one week of September. Sure my luck has sucked in those 5 weeks - it's sucked ass, down 10.5 buy-ins in all luck alone. But poker isn't just all-in luck - we know that - I lost 70 non-all-in big blinds tonight with top pair to a flopped set that I couldn't sniff out. Should I have been able to sniff it out? Who knows. Some of this losing is my doing, definitely.

So what kind of player am I? Do I suck? Am I destined to break even as one of the nameless masses?

Or do you throw the whole thing out and call it a small sample size problem? I have read that 100,000 hand breakeven streaks are common. So do I just bag the whole thing? Then how do I get better?

The whole thing sucks.


bastinptc said...

Might be time for a break.

Memphis MOJO said...

Am I destined to break even as one of the nameless masses?

If you're breaking even, aren't you doing better than 75% of most players?