Saturday, September 25, 2010

Live Tourney (mini) Report - Sep 24

No in-depth details on hands today - we're going to try and make it a poker-free Saturday. I started off well getting paid with pocket kings and 3 small streets of value with a set of fives. I moved to a new table where people didn't respect my raises (lol) and chipped back down. I LOVED my table draw the third time around, kept my chips near the 10BB line, then shoved with AQ and got called by AK to go out around 14th out of 40 players. That's poker. The best thing I can say is that I didn't make any mistakes, especially late.

The cash game afterwards was a different story - a couple mistakes where more aggression wins me a bit pot. I can forgive myself for one - we were playing Omaha and I'm obviously not experienced there. I knew I had a strong hand with queens overpair and a king high flush draw, but I had to call an all in and I couldn't quite do the math in my head to figure if I had a good pot odds call.

The second hand was an ace king that I could have threebet preflop vs. a shortstacked raiser (on a table where raising preflop was rare) - we went three way. I had top pair but a flushy board - lost to a two pair king-eight.

I'm starting a new mantra "out of position, bet-fold", "out of position, bet-fold". I find myself playing very badly out of position now, over and over. Sure it's hard to win money from there, but when you hit top/top at a five-handed table, you gotta bet. You gotta.

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