Sunday, September 26, 2010

the new villain - aggro calling station

4 positive sessions in a row - even though they are modest wins, I consider simply not losing a victory right now.

I had trouble with a certain type of villain tonight - he was a 41/7, but a 4.4 aggression factor, with was something like 9.0 on the river. His play was to get to the river and then make a pot sized bet. He did it over and over. He would minbet flop and turn, or call when facing a bet - if you raised the flop minbet he would call anyway, then get to the river and bet just over pot, and everyone would fold. I'm sure he was very pleased with himself.

He was immediately on my right, so I was pounding him with iso raises - but they didn't work of course - he just called, then he called the cbet. I suppose I should have just shoved a turn or two against him.

He took a nice pot from me by outflopping me. I raised his limp with AJ he called. The board ended up 39T4J - I decided to call his pot-sized river bet this one time with top pair - he had JT.

So my reads were good, but they deceived me that time.

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