Saturday, September 18, 2010

moving away from Rush

I played 2 tables of 9max, NON Rush poker tonight. I will add tables next week - I was simply too tired tonight. A losing session overall but it was all one hand - I took a stand with pocket eights vs. a 71/57 player who had three bet percent of 25%. He had AK this time and won the race.

This started him off on a rant of how bad I was and how he owned me, which I found humorous. I found it more humorous when he paid off my JQ two pair river bet with 9-2s
on a JQ964 board. Third pair, no-kicker, on a straighty board, good for a value call. He got me overall, but I have marked him for future encounters (hopefully).

I did some work looking over my database this week, an
d found that I wasn't three-betting enough. I have vowed to look for more opportunities to do this. Tonight I had good luck, especially on one table, where you can see my stats below. I ran 17/14 with a 10.4% 3 bet percentage in 201 hands. Looks like I'm finding some more opportunities.

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OhCaptain said...

I've moved away from Rush for the most part and only play it for short sessions every now and then. I find it just too difficult to keep the mental attitude needed to win long term. Get back to the basics and the stuff we know.