Sunday, September 19, 2010

All of the variance with none of the benefit

I spent a LONG time this afternoon watching a video of a coach reviewing a player's database, and going through some optimal stat ranges. I compared most of my stats with those of the students to try and find my own leaks.

The biggest thing was too much passivity preflop. Less cold calling, more three betting, more squeezing, even more blind stealing is in order. I'm sure there are postflop problems, too (big problems), but these are things I can work on right away.

I tried it tonight, but didn't get the results this session. Much of my preflop aggression was called anyway, and then I would whiff the flop. Pocket eights three bet from a blind stealer, then a JTx flop. No way to win that one. My W$SD for the session was a crappy 25% - meaning I rarely had a hand when I got to the river.

No biggie for one session, I'll keep working.

One other note - I can easily play 3 tables now with all my Rush training - and will be increasing to 4 this week.


The Poker Meister said...

If your W$SD is 25%, your W$WOSD should be through the roof. You should be crushing them when they miss their range for flops - thus forcing folds instead of letting them see all 5 cards.

Poker J said...

I would not recommend adding more rush tables. Focus on finding spots to effectively steal. If you are not doing this at rush, your redline will plumit unless you are running hot. I see it all the time in my game.