Friday, October 29, 2010

Dodging PC

Plus four big blinds in the cash game last night - not a terrible result. PC took a bunch of my money, then gave it all back to others on hands I have been waiting for him to be in, but with ME.

Trips appears to be his "go" hand. Once he has trips, he's not folding, kicker or hidden full-houses be damned. Add to this his love of ace-anything, and you see where this is heading. I've seen it now for some time. Tonight he limped with ace-garbage (eight I think), called a raise behind him, called a bet on an ace board, then got all in with a second ace on the turn. His villain's cards? Ace-king. Shocking, no? Soooooo unlucky. Uh, not really.

He also loves to build big pots with top pair. Top pair of ANYTHING. If he's in a pot with jack-eight, and the board comes eight high - he turns any $4 bet into $8. Couldn't anyone have pocket nines or tens? Or how about ace-eight? Or bottom set? Sure they could, and they will, someday, but he seems to get away with this silliness over and over.

Against me, he won a kicker battle (I had KT and was in the pot only b/c he plays K-anything, especially suited, this time he had KJ), he found himself behind in a kicker battle but the turn paired and the river came high enough for us to chop, he called my flop bet wit a gutshot and hit it, and finally called all in (not raised all in, called all in) with a flush draw (queen-four), against my two pair 75 from the blinds, and hit 4 turn/queen river to out-two-pair me.

That last one stung a bit. It wasn't a huge pot - something like 20 BB, making it all the worse that he's playing a hand like queen-four when so short. He got away with it that time. And all those other times, too.

So I gave him a bunch of cash, but siphoned it away from some others, and got some free entertainment - which is the ultimate goal of this silly endeavor.

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