Saturday, October 30, 2010


Sat at a table tonight and waited for my blind before playing, as I always do. The player three seats to my right shoved all in preflop twice in that half orbit.

He did it two more times in my first orbit at the table. I had no cards either time, but already started formulating my calling range if faced with one of his all-ins. I decided on TT+, AK, and AQ.

In hand 29 at the table I got my first hand in that range. Pocket jacks, early position. I raised pot - 3.5 big blinds. A ridiculous 20 big blind shortstacker called my bet cold. The shover had 85 blinds now, and was waiting in the big blind. I felt it was more likely that he would shove with the extra caller. I had already decided I was calling if he shoved. He did. I called, The shortstacker called too.

Pocket sevens for the shover. Ace-Queen, both spades, for the shortstacker. Queen on the flop gives the shortstacker a tripleup, and I get the rest when my jacks hold up. Up half a buy-in.

Shover leaves the table right away - his off to tweak his plan.

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Memphis MOJO said...

He was hungry and left to go get some hay.