Saturday, October 9, 2010

the streak is over.

Rotten Saturday night session to ruin my evening - minus three buy-ins. Couldn't beat the 86/6 (he three bet the one time I had a hand with him - KQ. I folded preflop, correctly).

Got aggressive with AK on an all low board with the nut flush draw vs. an aggressive player - he had KK and my fold equity was nil. So was my third heart. It was an ok play, though I had 46% equity, so I didn't need much in the fold equity department. (If he had QQ instead of KK, I would have been a favorite in he hand).

I did make a bad call with pocket aces on the river for 30 blinds - I should have folded - but 2.4:1 odds and having no idea what the guy had got the better of me. We'll call it a call for information. I should have left it a secret - it just tilted me to know he called the flop with 2 overs, called the turn with a flush draw, and then runner-runner straighted me.

We'll call that my bad play of the night. The rest of it was just missing a zillion flops (a 12% won money at showdown tells the story). Losing the buy-in with AKs overs+nut flush draw is high variance, but not bad poker.

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