Sunday, October 10, 2010

the stupid, it burns

Primo seat to the direct left of an aggro-tard tonight, not that I could do anything about though. The cards simply wouldn't let me. I saw him open shove 100 big blinds with Q3 (he won that hand vs. AK) - I saw him call a three bet from a tight player then shove a flop of 885 - with ten-five (he was against aces on that one and did not win).

But I didn't make any mistakes - didn't spite call, stayed within my own game (adjusted for his range), and played well. No big pots tonight, won or lost. Lost a couple bucks for my efforts.

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MicroRoller said...

It's so nice when people are willing to give away their money with weaker hands but it sucks when luck won't let them.