Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Is there a poker zone?

If so, then I am in it. I kept up my zany pace to get my hands in for Rush week. 1386 hands in 102 minutes, playing 2 or 3 tables at a time. +2 buy-ins, +half a buy-in in rakeback. I feel like I'm making very few mistakes in a session now. Pocket Jacks in the small blind. Early position raise, then a re-raise? Fold, no hesitation. Ace-king in early position, three bet by a super-tight player? Fold. Overpair faces heavy resistance from a decent player? Fold. No "woe is me" calls, no "please be bluffing this time" calls, just fold and move on to the next hand. In multi-table Rush, you don't have to wait long.

My 2 biggest losses were no big deal. Two pair on the flop, minraised on a third flush river, giving me 5:1 odds. Probably a fold, but why was the bet so small? I pay to see his small-ish flush - probably the only payoff I make all night that's on the iffy side. 40 big blinds, a big pot but no disaster. The other was out of position, blind vs. blind, with pocket tens. Big blind defends my raise. Flop is 357, 2 hearts. I bet and he raises. He could do this with sets, obviously, but also eights and nines, which I beat, and jacks, queens, kings, and aces, which I do not (but would generally 3bet preflop). I call the raise, planning to fold to larger bets in the future.

Turn is another 3 - safe card for me. I check and he bets less than half pot. I call. Smells like a flush draw now. River is an ace that completes a flush. Now I give less credence to a flush draw - I would expect him to hold the ace of hearts, but it just came on the board. (Maybe he has KhQh or KhJh). We both check. He's got the jacks. I lose 23 big blinds.

Those are the only two hands in 1386 where I lose over 20 big blinds. I have 11 hands where I win at least 20 big blinds. I'm playing well, and seeing the results - a sometimes novel effect.

After Rush week is over, the plan is to attempt to move up in stakes.

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The Poker Meister said...

If you're getting the hang of ranges -> VPIP / PFR, then you should be moving up! Good job that you got it together at 10NL. I'd imagine 25NL should go a bit easier for you because there it seems that there isn't as much bluffing and more betting for value (and it seems that you can fold like nobody's business).