Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Night of small pots

No big pots tonight as I continue to try and earn my Rush Week bonus. 1300 hands, no pot won or lost greater than 35 big blinds. I ended up about even, +10 big blinds.

My range work is really the difference in my more recent sessions. Example: someone limps in middle position. He's a 21/17. 17% is pairs and broadways, and he hasn't raised here, so what's he limping with? My guess is a small pair or small connectors. I raise him up with a raggy ace, the board comes king-queen-rag, and I know he almost always missed that board, unless he hit his set on the bottom card. My cbet will work like 95% of the time, and it doesn't matter what I raised him with. My cards don't matter.

I did run into a bit of trouble tonight - seems like the 3betters were out in force, and my stealing wasn't working very well. I was behind in a few showdowns also.

So it was a rough night cardwise, but I still pulled even. Fine with me.

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The Poker Meister said...

Quick bit of advice: If your steals are not working, change tables. If you find yourself in situations where the blinds are defending often, get up & go.