Friday, November 5, 2010

table debut

The new poker table stayed upright for its first .50/$1 cash game last night.

I managed to stay upright as well, winning almost all of the pots in which I was involved, despite a looming cold. Some were big hands (pocket aces hits a set and gets paid vs. 2 pair), some were medium (AK with king on flop, call in position, check turn for pot control on dry board, value bet river), and some were small (raise in position, cbet vs. blind defender). A 60 big blind profit on the night for me.

The table was the highlight - we sat 9 players with plenty of room to spare. Half the players at the table want to either build their own or see if they can convince Tony and I to build another.

1 comment:

Memphis MOJO said...

That was a nice looking table I saw in the photos. Nice job building it.