Monday, November 15, 2010

What would you do? Conflicting info

Converted by the cows of Feral Cow Poker
Full Tilt No-Limit Hold'em $0.05/$0.10 - 9 players

CO: $6.45 20/7 after 56 hands. Have seen 1 3bet.
Button: $9.10
SB: $10.94 51/17 after 131 hands, and the mark at the table.
BB: $7.00
UTG: $7.00
UTG+1: $10.25
MP: $18.99
MP2: $10.00 (Hero)
HJ: $11.59

Preflop: ($0.15) Hero is MP2 with (9 players)
2 folds, Hero raises to $0.35, HJ folds, CO raises to $0.80, Button folds, SB calls $0.75, BB folds, Hero ???

What would you do?

tough one. CO doesn't look like a squeezer, so let's make this JJ/AK. Dumbass small blinds juices the pot by cold-calling the three bet, adding dead money galore. I figure I'm flipping a coin vs. the CO, and the SB might decide to call a shove with 33, and on the off chance CO has AQ, I get him to fold and get heads up with SB. Maybe I'm just hoping for the best.

Hero raises to $10, and is all in, CO calls $5.65, and is all in, SB folds

Flop: ($13.80) (3 players)

Turn: ($13.80) (3 players)

River: ($13.80) (3 players)

CO showed , and won ($12.88) with two pair, Kings and Sixes
Hero showed , and lost with two pair, Queens and Sixes
CO won $12.88
(Rake: $0.92)

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David said...

Admittedly I play at a lower level than you, and I am a nit, but I would have called preflop, and put in a 1/2 pot bet on the flop to see where I was at. If CO raises big I would probably fold, but would call down small raises through the river on that board.