Tuesday, December 7, 2010

200 hands at a new level

I tried my hand at 25NL tonight. +25 BB in 201 hands. This would have been much greater had it not been for a 6 out suckout vs. a 92/76 whale, too. What a player this guy was. No concept of what he was doing, or what others were doing - just clicking the "Bet" or "Raise" button over and over, figuring people would fold.

In my hand, I raised up King-Queen offsuit and it folded around to him. He raised me 4 times my bet, which he had done basically every time. I raised him 4 times HIS bet, leaving him only 12 big blinds left in his stack. He... called.

The board - J23 rainbow. He put his last 12 big blinds in. I called. Seven-high for him (67 offsuit), King high for me. The turn and river ran out and he had a pair that took the pot. No faulting how I played it.

The whale doubled through another guy by flopping trips, then he sat out for an orbit. I figured he was gone, but he did come back just in time for me to flop top set of kings. I did everything I could to get this guy to stick his stack in - the most I could muster out of him was $4 - not nearly enough to cover the half stack $16 he stole from me with his 6 outer. He left the table soon after, leaving me to find money from other sources.

I don't think 25NL is too big for me. If I can survive early and not drop 10 buy-ins, I'm sure I can find a home here. Especially if that 92/76 whale (or others like him) is swimming around for any length of time.


Fred said...

Great blog Matt! Can you explain the "92/76" format, I'm unclear of what the numbers refer to?


matt tag said...

this is his VPIP (voluntarily put money into the pot), and his PFR (preflop raise percentage).

A 92/78 is playing almost every hand (92%), and he's raising more than 3 out of 4 of them. There are way too many garbage hands to be playing this many.