Sunday, December 5, 2010

self-analysis - a 11,000 hand sample

I finished Rush week tonight - I earned 100 Full Tilt points for 7 days in a row playing 10NL Rush poker. This ended up being 10944 hands of poker in a week.

10 sessions, 8 to the positive. The 2 negative sessions were 2 buy-in losses. There were 2 buy-in wins to even those out. The net was a 2 buy-in win for a total bb/100 of 2.37 for the week.

That last number is a bit disappointing - I was over 5 until the last session tonight, which was one of the 2 buy-in drops.

I have been seriously considering making the move up in stakes to NL25. My mediocre Rush week notwithstanding, my total winnings since moving to 9 man tables is a decent (not great) 4.32 bb/100 hands. My Rush bonus + rakeback for the week will give me 30 buy-ins at NL50. This is a bit low to be truly comfortable, so the move up will be considered "taking a shot" - if I lose 4-5 buy-ins right away, for any reason, back down to 10NL I will go.

One big consideration I'm taking into account is that rake % at NL25 is lower than it is for NL10. In theory, I should make some money just by paying less rake. If that amount is even to the amount I lose by playing better players, then I have broken even. I'm also not playing Rush - I absolutely KILLED last month playing normal tables where I could play the same opponents over and over again.

So it's off on a new phase...


bastinptc said...

I agree. 30 BIs is a bit thin, if only on the psychological level. I believe Boomerang plays NL50 and does OK, yet reports that the swings for him are in the amount of 4 BIs. He doesn't blink, and that might be the only edge there. Are you looking to jump over the huge grinder population in NL25?

matt tag said...

sorry, typo. I am looking to jump into NL25, not over it to NL50. I fixed the post