Saturday, December 11, 2010

silliness at the tables, (just another night)

small profits tonight, with the usual ridiculous hands, both for and against me. I get all in (vs. shortstack) with queens vs. Ace-ten, flop is ten-ten-ten. I shit you not. Is Full Tilt trying to tell me something?

The blind comes around to me at 11:30, I'm going to bed after my under the gun hand on my last table. Then, finally - pocket aces. Wheeee! There are 3 passive, loose, bad players at the table, too - time to get paid.

I raise, and then, a fantastic result - a reraise, from a tight player. Nice! I decide to call for deception. The board comes all low and unconnected, and I checkraise him all in, hoping he can't fold kings or queens. He calls, with the other two aces. A delight. We chop up our own money after sending the rake to Full Tilt.

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