Sunday, December 12, 2010

using SPR to plan your hand

Your converted hand, now with more cowbell.
Full Tilt No-Limit Hold'em $0.10/$0.25 - 9 players

Button: $25.00
SB: $25.45 24/18, 34 hands.
BB: $25.32 (Hero)
UTG: $25.17
UTG+1: $30.66
MP: $12.50
MP2: $57.17
HJ: $29.62 23/14, high steal%
CO: $13.23 75/25, only 4 hands, he's played all of them.

Preflop: ($0.35) Hero is BB with (9 players)
4 folds, HJ raises to $0.75, CO calls $0.75, Button folds, SB calls $0.65,
Late position raiser, 2 callers, standard squeeze with JJ. My target is the half stacker CO. If he's dumb enough to call, I'll be in a pot with a strong pair and a low SPR. I make the squeeze a little bigger just to make the decision even easier. Things go well, I fold out everyone but the 75/25.

Hero raises to $4.25
, HJ folds, CO calls $3.50, SB folds

Flop is good for me, I have an SPR less than 1. I am committed. Chances are he missed this board (every board), so any bet here causes him to fold. If I check, though, he may (for the first time) realize that half his stack is in the middle, the pot is big, and he's gotta take a shot at it.

Flop: ($10.00) (2 players)
Hero checks, CO bets $8.98, and is all in, Hero calls $8.98

Hero shows
CO shows
Hero gets his money in as an 84-16 favorite.

Turn: ($27.96) (2 players)
Bonus set on the turn leaves villain drawing dead, no longer have to sweat the river.

River: ($27.96) (2 players)

Hero showed , and won ($26.57) with a full house, Jacks full of Sevens
CO showed , and lost with a pair of Sevens
Hero won $26.57
(Rake: $1.39)

Live poker update - played a nice little 10 man live tourney during the Browns game. Played ok, got kings cracked by a 3 outer for an early exit (finished 9th), but hand around 10 blinds left. Villain had a big stack and top pair (AQ on Q high board)- he wasn't folding to my flop shove. Everyone played the hand correctly and when the cards came out, I was behind. I can live with it. The $16 in prop bets I lost hurt worse than the $20 buy-in.

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diverjoules said...

Thanks for coming Matt. I rarely play props, but was glad I did. I made 13 in props and 3rd place cash of 30$.