Saturday, December 18, 2010

The truck runneth over

Down 2.5 buy ins the past two days at NL25. Bad luck, really - I think I'm playing ok. Aces, Kings and a set all were losers today (Kings were vs. Aces, set got flushed on the river, Aces got 5-outed while player was all in with top pair), as was 2 pair (vs straight) and a straight (vs. a flush), both vs. players who could have had worse so I had to call a river bet. Variance having fun with me.

I checked out my stats - they all look the same as last month, when I killed. I'm not tilting or too loose. Everything appears in order - just on the wrong side. I'll keep powering through (maybe back at the lower stakes for awhile, though, to avoid my roll vanishing in a poof).

Edit: Evening session was just as bad - got KK cracked by QQ (a third player also was all in with KK, for fun), lost 3+ buy-ins (actually more, because I had dropped down to 10NL, so it was more like 5 or 6 at the levels I was playing at.

Going out of town tomorrow, so no poker. Thank God.

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