Friday, December 17, 2010

Working for it

Thursday night cash game. New player "Action Dan Durrr" makes his second visit (his name is Dan, he's an action player, he looks kind of like Tom "Durrr" Dwan. Odd). He scans the table and sits on my left. CRAP. Gonna be a tough night.

Action Dan Durrr takes down pots with nothing, hits 2 pair with 84o, a full house with K8o. And he's on my left and gets to act after me. I patiently wait to set the trap that never comes. My two big pairs come after limpers and I'm not playing them multi-way. I win 2 streets of value with my queens and preflop money only with my kings.

Fortunately, there are other players at the table besides Action Dan Durrr. I enter a limpfest pot in late position with king-ten suited and hit and open ender on the flop, a nut straight on the turn (with a club redraw). Against some players, I would be a bit hesitant with 2 queens on the board as well, but against my villain this hand - the 2 queens give him "two pair" with the pair in his hand. If he has trip queens, he wouldn't fold if I bet his house, car, wife, and private business. If he somehow has a full house, well bully for him - he's only got 60 big blinds to start anyway. I chop my turn and river bet into nice digestible chunks to add up to the rest of his stack, and take it against his king-jack. (jack on the board and in his hand, 2 queens on the board = "two pair"). He leaves the table after that, down 120 blinds in 3 hours, pondering how someone always has his strong two pairs hands beat.

+58 big blinds on the night. I was up over 100 but invested a bit trying to loosen up my image and bluff off some chips, but the payoff on that investment didn't come in the late hours. Maybe next week.

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